29 point victory over Colorado, check… K-State, to-be-determined

Last week I shot my first Missouri Men’s Basketball game. This week I got another exciting chance to do it again. Knowing more what I had to do coming into it this time, I feel like I came in more prepared. I was able to do research before hand and have an idea of what I wanted my story to be about. I also was getting a chance to do a story for not only KOMU but also for KSDK in St. Louis where I interned this summer.

KSDK wanted a story about what the Tigers were doing to prepare for its next game against K-State and KOMU wanted a story about the game. So I did a little bit of both.

Because I was able to do research I found a connection between the two teams and a player for the Tigers. Marcus Denmon was recruited by both Colorado and K-State, and has scored in double digits each time he has played the two teams this season. So I was able to tie the two games together and make my central compelling character Denmon, who also showed how well Mizzou played against Colorado. It worked well for me fortunately, because I know the stories might not always be that apparent.

I also learned from the last time to ask questions in the post-game press conference that I knew I would need in my story, as opposed to letting the questions of other reporters determine the direction of  my story. Which is sometimes what happens during post-game, because after all the best sound bites make the story thrive.

This time I also wanted to make my editing and writing better. I tried to talk less and have more natural sound breaks. I have three right from the beginning and try to have natural sound bridges coming out of every sound bite. I also made a point to have nat. sound between things that I say, allowing the story to flow more and the viewers to get a short rest to let things sink in.

Another thing I tried to improve on was my voicing. I am still working on getting my personality to come through in my voicing and not make it sound like I am reading a script. This also can be helped by my writing, which I tried to keep interesting and conversational as well. I still feel like this is an area I need to spend some time on. The stand-up could also be better. The lighting is not the greatest, which is in part due to the florescent lights in the stadium. But my eyes are too dark and the lighting just looks off, very yellow. Once again I think I could be a bit more excited in the stand-up and smile more.

But I think I have improved since my last package and I feel like I know what I need to work on. Again it was so much more fun to do than news packages. I enjoyed it a lot more and it helps me keep pushing on knowing that news packages are apart of the learning process.

Here is the finished product from this week’s game against Colorado:


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