NBC Winter Olympics coverage a wipeout

The 2010 Winter Olympics sadly came to a close tonight. Now I won’t have snowy, wintery awesomeness to watch while I am doing nothing. But in honor of the closing ceremonies, as someone in the broadcast business, I feel the need to comment on the coverage of the Olympics.

Usually during the Olympics, there are several different events on different channels that you can flip through and pick from. I like this because you have choices of what you can watch and you can flip around whenever so you don’t have to sit and watch one event longer than you want to. This did not happen this year. There was one NBC channel at a time that had the Olympics on. They did flip from event to event on NBC, but not necessarily they way you would want them to.

Another thing that bothered me about the way NBC covered the Olympics was the amount of packages they showed about the athletes during their coverage. I love a good story just as much as the next person, maybe more- I mean I am a journalist. But they showed story after story after story, especially when you would think there was an event going on that you could be watching. I know most of the athletes at the Olympics probably had an interesting story on how they got there, but I just felt an overload of them. Sometimes I just wanted to simply watch an event.

That being said, I don’t want to bash NBC. They were trying things differently and I understand that. I am just suggesting that maybe the old-way was the better way.

With the Internet, there was some more coverage that you could find on demand. The Vancouver Olympic’s official site was a pretty good web outlet to go to. There is a lot of stuff on there that is easy to access and navigate. They had tabs by sport and even blogs by Olympic medal winners. There were also videos and pictures up there as well, with calendars of the events going on and when.

I love the Olympics and was able to watch more coverage on the Today Show and sometimes on Oprah as well, which was enjoyable too. And congrats to the U.S. for winning 37 medals! USA! USA! USA!

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