Sweet Selection Sunday

Today was the glorious day of Selection Sunday. One of my favorite times of the year.

The official start, in my opinion, of March Madness amazingness. (My family and I are such dorks that I read my mom the selections as they came out to her over the phone and she relayed it to the rest of the family while they were driving somewhere.)


Cool card that I am still trying to think of who and for what occasion would need it. But who cares because March Madness is an occasion all in itself right?

Like many people, I watched the selection show on CBS and listened to their predictions. But I actually have gotten most of my coverage from random places and people. I would much rather talk about it with people than listen to hours of people talking about it on TV. Don’t get me wrong, its still interesting to listen to what sportos think but I have been busy multitasking all day so I have not really had the chance to listen to them intently.

The coverage that I have gotten elsewhere has come a lot from Facebook. People’s conversations and thoughts have been all over it today. Its really interesting to see what people I actually know think. (I know I have Tweeted and Facebooked a lot about it today and so have many others.) The first thing I saw was about the March Madness’ theme song “One Shinning Moment.” Here is a tribute:


Then I saw a post from my friend Nick Chaney, who is a fellow sporto as well. He was linking his blog in his Facebook status. I really enjoyed reading up on his thoughts about this years bracket. My favorite quote from his blog “I think North Carolina could rep…oh wait. They’re just hoping for an NIT berth. Haha. It’s funny cuz I like Duke,” made me literally laugh out loud. Another blog that I really enjoyed reading was Bracketology 101. It gave me an inside track into what the selection committee was thinking when they made their selections. Apparently this sight has been making predictions and standings for several seasons now, making me super bummed for not finding it sooner. And then I browsed the web some more but of course I ended up at SportsNation’s webiste where I HAD to vote in their polls, because it is one of my favorite things to do in my down time. Here are my votes: http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/poll/_/id/4125/march-madness-2010#top

I think it is great what the web is allowing us “mad” people (those that are in love with March Madness) to do. Because we are just expanding upon what those on ESPN and CBS and such are doing. We are just talking about it and sharing our opinions and predictions. I am sure I will have plenty conversations about it tomorrow with people about what they think. In the mean time I can see what others think who I might not have been able to read about without things such as Facebook and Blogs. Despite all the listening to others about what they think will happen, I still don’t know who I want in the championship. In the end I guess the only thing I can listen to is my intuition when it comes to filling out my bracket. So here is my bracket; with a missing team in the championship and some upsets you might not agree with. But then again, you should follow your own intuition anyway.

(Having technical difficulties, wrote this on Sunday but had to post it today without my bracket… hopefully it will be up soon.)

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