Cheetos, blogging and Jerry Jones?

This week a reporter by the name of Dale Hansen for WFAA in Dallas questioned the broadcast industry for what it is today. He said “Our business now, too many times, is a fat kid in a T-shirt in his mother’s basement, eating Cheetos and writing his blogs – and we make it news.” Well I would like to tell Mr. Dale Hansen that I am not a fat kid, I am sitting in my own apartment and I just had a nutritious meal that did not include Cheetos. I do agree with his statement to a certain point. I do feel that sometimes news is just simply trash and some of it has lost its way, it is not treated as an art (for though some would laugh at the thought of journalism as art, it is something that I am passionate about and something I enjoy creating stories for.) Maybe Hansen is just part of the stone age of journalism, maybe he hasn’t blogged himself, maybe he hasn’t seen journalists use blogs for good.

Hansen made his statement after someone in a bar took a video of Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones without him knowing. Jones made some scandalous remarks and it was headline news on ESPN and other sports news outlets. [youtube=]

Hansen says that this should not be news. That it is just sensationalism and not real news. I feel that maybe he might be right. That it was not ok for someone to tape Jones without him knowing and while he probably had several drinks in his system. But people like controversy and Jones is a character, but I think most people already knew that he was anyway. Things that Jones said were not that scandalous for him of all people to say (although the bit about Bill Parcells was a little shocking for him to say and not sure if I agree.

One other thing I am questioning about Hansen’s statement is how he went about it. I commend him for sticking up for what he believes in but I am not sure if on-air during the newscast is a great way to put down the decisions of his boss and the station he is apart of. (On a side note, would that turn people off from the station? Or is he sensationalizing himself?- in turn making people want to tune in more- the very same lame tactic he is putting down.) Maybe if he had a blog he could have told his opinion there. But I have a feeling he doesn’t live in his mothers basement, but I bet he eats Cheetos from time to time.

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