Live and Learn

4 shifts, 3 days. It was a little rough because I also had to go to class and take a test during that time, but I learned a lot (mainly that I can actually do 4 shifts in 3 days.) The VO Patrol was interesting because I got to sit in on my first city council meeting and got some story ideas out of it. Also I was able to make it into a more interesting story than just a summary of the meeting because it was the mayor’s last city council meeting and day in office. But it kind of also reiterated the fact that I would so rather sit in on a post-game news conference rather than a city council meeting. [youtube=]

The next day I got up at 3 a.m. and did my short morning show segment for the last time because I am now doing morning sports instead (which is more my cup of tea.) I feel like I have gotten better at delvering the news, but I still think I need to have more enthusiasm and seem more interested. But doing “Around the State” helped me to become more comfortable with being 0n TV. [youtube=]

Then that same day I shot Mizzou baseball for highlights, which was nice because it was a beautiful day out. The next day I did a reporting shift. I was able to do the story I came in wanting to do about Russellville, MO’s new mayor won as a write-in the day before. Shooting the package went smoothly. The mayor elect was very nice and helpful. I thought I would do more of a piece on the uniqueness of the way he was elected and about himself. But there was a controversy that led to him running, which was the resigning of Russellville’s former mayor because of a DUI and his dropping out of the election. The new mayor was running because he wanted to turn things around for the better in his town. He wanted to do something about it’s immoral leader. So the package had to turn into more of a story about that my editor said. Which was a slight problem for me because most of my video was of the mayor elect. I had very little other video, the camera lense was dirty and I didn’t see that through the lcd screen and my audio had a lot of wind in it. My stand-up was not very enthusiastic and I needed to be more personable, but because of deadlines I didn’t look at it before editing and if I would have I would have redone it. Basically, I feel like my work should have been better. I should have had a better end product that I was happier with. I guess you just live and learn.[youtube=]

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