Cardinals Bloggers, Unite!

Courtesy of Dale Hansen, I might have found the next “fat kid in a T-shirt in his mother’s basement, eating Cheetos and writing his blogs.” Well I am not sure if that is how I would describe my next new found world of the blogosphere, but Hansen might. I ran across a 17 year old who has a really interesting blog cleverly named, Cardinals Front Office. Yes, the kid is 17 (only 4 years younger than me) and wants to someday be a GM (ambitious endeavors, but I would say if he is already putting in the effort to do so with the insight he has on his blog, all the power to him.)

John Mozeliak

The kid is modeling his blog after what he would do if he were this guy–> John Mozeliak, Cardinals General Manager.

If you think blogs are too unprofessional and don’t have any creditability, I will admit I have also questioned that myself. But this kid’s blog is part of a bigger project. A project that combines many blogs, some of which belong to current and former sports writers, and they all talk about Cardinals baseball. It is like a state within Cardinal Nation, a state of bloggers who all belong to the United Cardinal Bloggers. It is there where all of those bloggers come together and you can see what all of them are talking about (you can bet they are talking about St. Louis and its baseball too, its a sure thing.) They even have UCB Radio, where the bloggers have their own podcasts. I would say this is a pretty sophisticated operation for a bunch of people just sitting around watching baseball in their mother’s basement and eating Cheetos. This has a lot of credibility to me (while keeping in mind it is people’s opinions,) its fresh and entertaining. There are a lot of people who blog everyday about their favorite sports teams, some of those blogs have given those people their big breaks in the sports writing world and have gotten them good jobs talking about the sport and the teams they love. Maybe this will be that 17 year old’s big break and we will see him fill in Mozeliak’s shoes in the next 20 years.

I think this is another example on how blogs can be great, how they can be something that Hansen did not anticipate them to be (or had the faith in average joes to put together.) Blogs can be equally as obsolete, but I think the United Cardinal Bloggers is a great example on what fans and baseball enthusiasts can set up for their teams, something that is legitimate while opinionated and entertaining.

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