Close to the Heart

As a general assignment reporter you do a lot of stories that are interesting to you and that matter to people, some more than others. But only a handful really impact you. Some impact you through emotion, relevance, intrigue, or through the people you meet doing them. This past week I was impacted by a story I did because of its relevance to me.

On the surface, a story about cell phones being recycled for calling cards for soldiers just seems to be a nice thing someone is doing for someone else. But as I started working on it I began thinking about how often I get to talk to one of my great friends Adam Maxwell who is currently serving overseas in Iraq.

My buddy Adam Maxwell.

In today’s technology world, it is really nice because I get to communicate with him via facebook, as does anyone else that wants to talk to him. But then I began to think about how much his family gets to actually hear his voice on the phone. This really struck me. Living away from my parents and family, friends and boyfriend I miss them enough but I can pick up the phone and call them anytime I want. To not have the ability to speak to your loved one like I have the luxury of doing is just heartbreaking. To add to that you cannot hear their voice to know if they are ok while they are serving in a war and are in harms way.

The story was close to my heart because it made me think about Adam and what he is going through on a whole different level. I have been so engulfed in school and what I am doing in Columbia and sort of forgot how much time I used to spend with him back home. Going away to college you live and grow and you form a new path for yourself, sometimes leaving behind the people that used to be apart of your life. But then things (or stories) that you do reminds you of the impact they had on your life or what they meant to you. This story really reminded me of how great of a friend Adam is and how much I am worried for him and hope that him and his family are ok.

So my goal from this story was to inform people how they could, in a very simple way, impact people like my friend Adam.


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