BABIES!! o and the governor


I got to spend the day around BABIES and talking about BABIES! I have to admit babies do freak me out a little bit because they are so delicate, just tiny little humans who can’t tell you what they’re thinking (unless they cry or poo or something.) But no matter what you think about babies, you can’t help but to just feel happy when you are in a baby environment. I was just in such a good mood being around babies!


Cute little Hadley, whose mom was nice and let me get video of her not even 24 hours after giving birth.

I attended a grand opening of a new labor and delivery center in Columbia. It was super early, but I needed to go to see what was up. But I didn’t want my story to just be about the hospitals “great new stuff.” I didn’t want it to be a commercial for the hospital. So I decided to find other labor and delivery options for expectant mothers in mid-MO. Let me tell you, that was hard to find. I really wanted to get ahold of someone that did alternative birthing methods but no one would talk to me or would return my calls. I also really wanted some video of babies. That was hard also because the hospital had to get consent from the parents and I couldn’t just get babies faces without permission.

But eventually people returned my calls. Of course that was in the second half of my day though. So I had to rush from the midwife, to the second hospital, back to the first where they found me a willing mother to go on TV. And didn’t get back to the station until an hour before my first story aired. But that is the way the cookie crumbles and that made my story so much better. Like I keep reiterating, a CCC is muy importante! I decided not to make the mother the CCC but the baby. It just makes for cuter video, and it allowed my writing to flow well. I figured people would feel a connection with the baby, make it sentimental. I hope the baby catches your attention when the story starts.


I felt like with this story there was a lot more information to give about home birth and midwifery, but I didn’t have enough time in my minute, thirty story. So a web story was important in this case, and links for more information.

The day before the baby day, I spent my day in the exact opposite environment– in a loud and large automotive factory with politicians asserting their opinions left and right, bringing a little controversy with them. Governor Nixon was coming to the plant to talk about a manufacturing jobs act that he was trying to get passed ASAP because he felt Ford Motor Co. would take their operations to a state that would offer better incentives. Of course there were two sides to the story, some people did not like the way that the incentives would be paid for.

Going into doing the story, because I was thrown into this on the fly, I didn’t know most of the facts going in. As a journalist you have to be knowledgeable at many different things, not an expert at one particular thing. So I had to educate myself as I went and try to coax the people involved to tell me more without looking like an idiot that doesn’t know anything. I did get to do some research about the subject, but not enough and therefore had a lot of filling in the gaps when I got back to the station. Honestly, I spent more time trying to learn about the issue than I did in the field and editing.

But I also got a little lucky. Everything I needed was right in one place. Both sides were there to talk about it, and we were at a automotive plant where people worked (the real people that are affected.) So this is what made the difference between my story and the other competing stations: I took ten more minuets than they did to pull a real person aside, get their thoughts, and get video of them doing what they do every day. Now, I am not trying to put others down and be cocky, but I hope that my story’s human touch is more interesting than the competition’s straight-up facts-and-done approach. But thats up for the viewers to decide.



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