Baseball Bats and Bowling Balls

They might both start with b’s but baseball and bowling are two totally different sports. The main difference, the pace. Therefore I had to be a little more creative in shooting my bowling package than the baseball package. I feel like both of the packages’ videos turned out well. I tried to fit in as many sequences as I could. Bowling was a gold mine for sequences. Because it is a very repetitive sport, I was able to get a lot of sequences from different angles.

The problems that I faced in shooting the bowling package dealt with lighting and audio. I did have some lighting challenges with the baseball package with the bright sunlight, the shadows from the dugout and the hats they were wearing but I feel like I did the best I could with that situation. On to bowling, it was very difficult getting a quality picture in the bowling alley. The lanes are bright and the lobby is bright but there is virtually zero light where the bowlers stand, score keep and get their bowling balls. So I had to adjust a lot just from shot to shot. Some of the video turned out better than others. The other issue I had was audio. The audio settings were fine at the station. Then when it was time to interview, the audio would not cooperate. I feel like this was the main issue in my bowling package: audio quality. You can hear way too much background noise in the interviews.



In comparison between the two stories, the baseball one is more exciting (even though I think it would have been even more exciting with basketball video at the beginning too.) The bowling one is better though (minus the audio) because I humanized it more. The baseball package I should have humanized it around a particular player more. It would have been more personable and easier to connect with. It was fun doing both packages and it was really fun following the Sturgeon baseball team’s ride to the state tournament. But I want to apologize by jinxing the Sturgeon boys because they did not go on to win state in baseball. Nonetheless, congrats on a great athletic season.

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