The Conference Shake-up should give thanks to the internet.

Behold! The Power of Twitter… dum, dum, dum. Without all the internet and social media outlets the conference shake-up would not get the hype and the interest that it has. I witnessed first hand, and fueled the internet hype. By tweeting every time we could, updating our web story non-stop and putting up new information on Facebook we generated more viewers and followers than any other time during our news history. We got 1200 new followers just within hours of the first MU Board of Curators meeting on Thursday.

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Big 12 shake-up

Ever since that first meeting we have been going relentlessly at this story… non-stop. Because we as a station and reports have been tweeting reputable and reliable things anytime that we could constantly, we as a station, have become many people’s go to source on the conference shake-up topic (we have even been linked by sports outlets like FoxSports.) We have tweeted and updated the instant we could.

Covering the conference shake-up  has been a great adrenaline rush to say the least. These are the kind of stories that make you decide whether this is what you want to do or if you want to book it. I think I made the right decision by choosing this as my career (and really my lifestyle.) Today I came in early and did everything I could to help with all the press conferences and news shooting from all directions. And I was sucked into every second of it. I was in the thick of it and was not looking to get out. I tweeted and wrote as many web updates as I could. And searched relentlessly for any other news that I could find. It was fun and it was what I chose to do on my Friday afternoon off. Then I got to go anchor my first full newscast and talk about it, and it was awesome.

So yea I think I made the right decision.

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