Two for One Special

Double the work. Eh, it sounded like it would be a breeze. There were two things going on at the city hall back-to-back. Thought I would get two easy stories out of it. Well it was a little more work than I anticipated. One was the State of the City address. That was just a 45 min presser with the city manager who basically read word-for-word from a script we were given at the beginning and then answered some questions at the end. The next thing to cover was a taser-free group handing in a petition to ban tasers to the city clerk. That I knew I had to pack.

The taser rally was lacking in the rally part. The people were definitely not shouting or being overly passionate about their event. There was a definite lack of nat sound that pertained to the rally- it was all just chit-chat. And the lack of natural sound is apparent in my average package. But I should have played off of that lack of natural rally sound, would have made the story much better. I also missed the boat with putting the lady with the good quote about “this is what democracy looks like” at the beginning of the package. I think my shooting was adequate for what was going on.

I had to crash edit the package because I had technical problems at the station with the camera and edit equipment and then I had to go back to interview a police officer (have to get both sides of the issue–very important.) But not only was I crash editing one story, but two. And then my producer informed me that I had to go on-set for my taser story at six because it was the lead. I ended up cutting 5 stories and going on-set. Whew! Lets take a breath!

The joke of the night was that it was “Teryn’s newscast- reporting from city hall… in HD,” because my stories ran back-to-back and took up about 3 minutes in the six. That was a great feeling after putting in all that work. It all worked out. I think it is important for a reporter to keep their composure. (This is definitely not the worst thing or hardest thing any reporter will have to endure–by far not the worst.) If you do what you need to do, and semi-know what you are doing everything will turn out. (Plus the rush it part of the fun.)

Ultimately I think I could have done better with the taser story, even though it was crash edited. (Compare this story with the story I blog about it the post above it, which was crash edited too- big, big difference.) Crash editing, unless it is really really cutting it close should not be an excuse for a bad story. You should already have an idea of what your story should look, sound, and be written like by the time you get back to the station. But I felt like I didn’t have a lot to work with, so I was not sure until I sat down and looked at it for the second time what I was going to do.

Even though the state of the city ended up being the lesser of the two stories in importance, but it ended up being the most important for me personally. I got a chance to ask the city manager questions about the poor storm water system that I had been wondering about, and it gave me a great story idea to work on the next week (another teaser for my next blog.)

So here is “Teryn’s newscast- reporting from city hall… in HD:”




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