Under Pressure…

I really enjoyed this live shot. I got the chance to talk about sports (which was a huge shock considering it was Memorial Day and I thought I would have to talk about some Memorial Day activities going on.) My assignment editor/producer suggested that I explain things for the public because its not that people are not interested in what was going on with the team, they just didn’t know about it. I completely agree. The Mizzou softball team is probably MU’s best team right now. But because most people do not follow the sport, they don’t know about all the success that the tigers have been having this season and last season.

I have really enjoyed following their road to success this season and got a chance to cover a lot of their games and watch the super regional from the stands. I think my live shots were informative and hope that viewers thought it was interesting.

I included all my live hits because I think there is a lot that can be shown about live television from watching my live shots. It is a lot of pressure and things don’t always go smoothly. But the main thing to take away from this is that you should not let people know they are not going smoothly. That was my lesson, because in the first live hit the audio did not go on cue and I was left standing there and not knowing what was going on. So you see me just kind of sit there and look off camera and say something (I said that I couldn’t hear the sound bite go.) That is a big mistake, I should have stood there smiling and waited for my cue to start with the next part of what I was going to say. Another thing that went wrong was because of the time crunch when I was writing and trying to get to my live shot I was too concerned with my sound bites and graphic that I carelessly said the Tigers were headed to the Sweet 16 of softball when clearly there are only 8 teams going to the world series tournament. But once again pressure makes you look over things and do things that you would not have otherwise done. But then again that’s one reason why I love this business, it is a good rush sometimes. A rush similar to the pressure you feel when you are playing sports. Hence, my love and connection for both.


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