Feature: The many (cowboy) hats of Colonel Edd Kueker

Edd Kueker

Sometimes you come across people in your life that you wish you had all the time in the world to sit down and hear their life story and bits of wisdom. Mr. Edd Kueker was one of those people.

I was greeted by a large brass buffalo upon pulling up to his home. A shed sat to the left of the driveway full of historical mementos Mr. Kueker had collected throughout his lifetime. Once inside his, and wife Violet’s, home you are surrounded by even more historical items, as if in a personal museum. Mr. Kueker was Monroe County’s resident historian, taking it upon himself to preserve the area’s lost memories.

To say the least, the couple is among some of the most interesting and genuine people I have ever met. I am honored to have written about Mr. Kueker’s story, a story I am humbled to share in light of his passing.

I would like to share Mr. Kueker’s article, as a tribute to the man who is now apart of the history he worked his entire life to preserve.

The many (cowboy) hats of Colonel Edd Kueker: http://www.republictimes.net/the-many-cowboy-hats-of-colonel-edd-kueker/

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