New Year’s resolutions

I am not a big on New Year’s resolutions. I think they are hard to keep and can have an adverse affect, making you feel down on yourself when you do not fulfill them.

On the other hand, I am a big fan of lists and staying organized. I love the feeling of checking things off as I complete them.

So, I guess that is the real issue I have with resolutions — they are lists you usually cannot “check off.” Because in my mind resolutions are about bettering yourself and that’s an on-going process that should never come to an end. Once you start working out the way that you want, its not over, you need to continue on and complete the next fitness goal you may have.

Therefore, one of your New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be “work out more” or “get to the gym more” because there is no end game for that, no finish line to cross, no box to check when completed. Although you should feel a sense of accomplishment when you do start increasing your workouts throughout the week.

Instead, set goals for yourself that you keep building upon as the year goes on. You know your body and where it is at, therefore, you know where you want to be and what will make you feel good.

For example, my body has not felt at its best over the holidays, because let’s face it, I wasn’t exactly good when it came to my eating habits. Which is okay, now its time for me to get back on the wagon and get back on my normal eating routine. Its always important to know when to snap out of a bad eating rut. Usually your body will make it pretty clear 🙂

So although I may not be making any New Year’s resolutions, I am taking this time to focus and reset.

Roman chair

Apart of hitting that reset button came with the purchase of a new roman chair to add to my workout equipment. I have used roman chairs in the past to do side ‘V’ ups and situps with small 10-pound weights at the gym. It helps challenge your obliques and core muscles in a whole new way.

I knew I had been wanting to add this piece to my home workout collection and waited for the annual workout equipment sales that come with the New Year — as the industry capitalizes off of people’s sudden desire to get in shape.

But in order to fit this into my workout room, I had to do a little rearranging. I took this time to clean up the workout room and sort of clean my slate for the new year.

Help yourself get a jump start now and throughout the year, because January won’t be the only month you will need to “reset.”

So do what works for you. Resolutions just don’t happen to be my thing…

Please note: I am not a physical trainer and am not certified in the industry. People ask me about my personal wellness practices, therefore, I am sharing my experiences and tips and tricks that have worked for me through my blog.

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