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One of the wonderful things about my job is the chance to work within the community and support its great causes. This week I was blessed to take part in one of the biggest days of the year, the day that brings St. Louis and much of its Cardinal baseball fans throughout the Midwest together — Opening Day. To kick off the festivities I participated in the Cardinal Glennon Homers 4 Health Game Ball run, and a few days later took part in the first annual Homers 4 Health Gameshows night at Ballpark Village. This is a night where the Cardinals players, on their only day off, come together to help raise money for the children’s hospital.

Pitchers Trevor Rosenthal and Adam Wainwright sang a duet from the recent Disney hit “Frozen” that was just too good not to share on social media.

As you can imagine, it was really special for me to be a part of these outstanding community events. Therefore, of course, I just had to write about them in my weekly hot topics column for I call this my community hug story 🙂

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