The 140th Kentucky Derby

After years of wanting to experience the run for the roses, my girlfriends and I decided to make it happen.

The grandiose Kentucky Derby event was everything you would imagine. As young adults in our early to mid-twenties we decided to do it bargain style and purchase general admission/infield tickets.

And let me tell you, the infield is an experience. You will find people dressed for the occasion, and others not so much… Basically it is more like a festival or giant party on that side of the venue. But we were still able to get the experience of the derby by walking around Churchill Downs and the paddock area — where a security guard allowed a friend and I to slip into the stable tunnel and snap a pick where the jockeys lead their horses on to the track.

If you are looking to go to the Kentucky Derby in the infield, I suggest looking up what you are able to bring. As you can save money by bringing in food and drinks.

Speaking of drinks, of course you have to try the traditional mint julep. I also suggest trying the Oaks Lilly, as the tasty drink is sometimes said to be better than the julep. I also want to note that your drinks are served in a nice glass you are able to take home, so be prepared to carry a few glasses with you. They gave us 4-pack carrying cases with our drinks, which were convenient and kept them safe.

Overall the experience was phenomenal and I was able to check the sporting event off my sports bucket list. So of course I HAD to write about it in my weekly Teryn’s Hot Topics column on!

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