Keep it fresh | Don’t just workout, have fun!

I had an awesome week last week, I kept up with my fitness goals and tried a bunch of new activities. That is the key to staying in shape, trying new things and keeping it fresh — there is no better time to do that than summer.

I recently have gotten into yoga (a new found love of mine) and kicked off my week with a sunrise yoga class on Monday. The class was AMAZING! It was well worth the 5 a.m. wake-up call. It started my week off on the right foot, got me moving and I felt so energetic the rest of the week. Nothing could stop me!

I followed the yoga session up with a walk in the park with my dog that put the icing on the cake.

As I said, nothing could stop me, so I capped off my day with a quick and new abs workout I discovered in a newsletter email from Gaiam.

Tuesday I didn’t have much time to get-out-and-about so I did a Pilates routine and a stint on the elliptical in the morning to jump-start my day. I got right back out there on Wednesday though, getting in a round of 18 on the golf course with my brother. I try to play as much as I can during the summer and rely on bargain sites like and that allow me to play more while on a budget.

I capped off my day with fabulous yoga basics class! Thursday turned out to be an even cooler new adventure, when my friend Emily and I celebrated her birthday with a Rock Climbing 101 class and a few stints “up the cliff.” Let me tell you, indoor rock climbing is a workout! It works all sorts of muscles you never knew existed and is a great challenge, both mentally and physically. We found our rock climbing certification class on Groupon for extra savings!

Friday began just like any other day, with a Pilates routine to engage my core and stretch out after the rock climbing adventure the night before. But after that, while I was on the elliptical, I got a text from my new rock climbing buddy informing me that she had left her ID at the rock climbing gym in exchange for a locker.

We decided to make the most of the mistake and the beautiful day and go for an 8.83 mile bike ride in St. Louis’ Forest Park.

Saturday I took a much needed rest day and concluded my week by trying out hot yoga on Sunday for the first time and loved it! As a great way to detox from the weekend, I will definitely integrate this into my Sundays.

I also hopped on the elliptical that day as well and did a foam roller therapy/recovery stretch session.

Last week was such an inspirational week and has helped get me excited for all the fun summer activities to come. I hope you take advantage of the season and get out and try new things, be adventurous and get moving!

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