Busch Stadium’s new vapor-wake dogs

Teryn Schaefer Vapor Wake Dog Walk

The St. Louis Cardinals came to me, asking to bring the story of their new bomb-sniffing vapor-wake dogs to life through video. They also wanted to explain to fans why the dogs were there at Busch Stadium and how to react to their presence.

This assignment was my first, full-on, one-man-band assignment in quite some time, in that I would also be shooting my own interviews. It was such a fun project to help me brush off the dust! The dogs were adorable and made for great visuals.

After conducting my first interview without the aid of a camera man (back to my roots as a backpack journalist at KOMU-TV) I quickly began to pick up on old tricks. If you watch my interviews with the police officers, they could be a little tighter and their mics positioned on their collars according to the direction that they will be facing and projecting their voice.

It was also my first time shooting a standup on my own in some time, therefore I made sure to double and triple check that the shots were ok before moving on. Especially looking for fans in the background, making sure they were up to their best behavior 🙂

I have to admit, I also realized after my first standup take that I didn’t have the mic turned on. Always a good idea to go back and watch!

Without further ado, meet Shug and Upshaw — Busch’s newest security team members!

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