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Teryn Tennis

Fitness trackers are all the rage right now and I couldn’t resist tapping into this little fitness fad. Not only does my tracker help me monitor my activity and burned/consumed calories, but I also earn store rewards.

There are dozens and dozens of fitness trackers on the market. I did my research (there are also a lot of reviews and information on the trackers as well) before settling on the one that was right for me — the FitBit Zip.

I knew I wanted something that I could conceal at anytime, especially while on the job during commercial and photo shoots. The Zip allows me to clip it on my waist band or undergarments out of view. Since then, FitBit and one of my favorite designers — Tory Burch, have teamed up to make the traditional wristband FitBits look more like jewelry and less noticeable. I also did not want to invest a whole lot of money in the “fad” and didn’t need the sleep tracker that can be found in models a step up from the Zip.

Outside of FitBit there are a lot of other reputable brands such as Garmin, Misfit Shine, Jawbone, etc.

I chose FitBit because of the overwhelming positive feedback both online and in the stores I visited, in addition to the easy and clean application that comes with it. I had already been using the MapMyFitness app to map my hikes, walks, bike rides and other workouts and my new FitBit app synced with the app I was already using as well.

Aside from being able to login on your phone or computer to both applications at anytime to review your tracker data or input your meals, other workouts, weight, wellness journal, etc., you are also sent weekly and monthly reports from each to see a summary of how you did and to track your wellness patterns.

FitBit weekly summary

Here is a portion of my weekly summary provided by FitBit from this past week.

One cool feature provided by both these apps and fitness trackers (along with many others), is the ability to earn store rewards through Walgreen’s Balance Rewards Healthy Choices program. For every step, mile, and dollar spent at Walgreens I earn points and Walgreens cash.

All I had to do was simply setup a Walgreens Balance Rewards account and sync my apps and devices online. Voila! It automatically keeps track of all my steps and miles with no required work on my end. It’s so much fun to see your wellness efforts pay-it-forward while you are at the check out counter receiving $5-10 credits.

I highly recommend signing up if you are a Walgreens shopper! They have a lot of great beauty products that you may not find in your local supermarket and you also earn points through your prescriptions.

Who knew you could get paid to workout?!

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