This One’s For You | Ultimate salute to the troops

This Ones for You 2014 featured image

As one of FOX Sports Midwest’s very special yearly broadcasts, “This One’s For You” allows the Cardinals, the network, its employees and the fans to pay tribute to the troops. It is everyone’s favorite telecast and touches the hearts of everyone involved.

During the broadcast, a troop is highlighted serving overseas. The families of the soldiers are invited to the game, while the company watches the game thousands of miles away. But they are all brought together, as if they are watching the game with each other — the company skypes in over the jumbotron as we watch their reaction to the plays of the game and they are able to give shout-outs to their families in attendance.

While at the event and then reflecting on it later in my Teryn’s Take column, I couldn’t help but think of my good friend Becca’s brother. Capt. Phillip Kirk who is currently in Afghanistan with the Missouri National Guard 276th Engineer Company. This is not his first time overseas and it has shown me first hand that not only do the soldiers serve, but the families do as well.

In the video we shot for the website, it shows a sign that we came across in the “This One’s For You” section at the baseball game. The sign is held by a woman around my age, revealing to her husband that they are going to be having a baby boy.

I thought of Phil and how his first daughter was born after he deployed and how much of a sacrifice him and others have made for us.

We were also able to go around and tape shout outs for the families in attendance as well. Words cannot describe the look in their eyes while we helped them record messages for the people they love.

Sometimes your work touches your heart in ways that you don’t expect or can prepare yourself for. I met a lot of special people that night, and I will be forever grateful for their sacrifice.

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