My unforgettable interview with Harry Benson

Harry Benson and Teryn Schaefer

I was able to cap off my wonderful experience at the Sinquefield Cup with an unforgettable interview with legendary photographer Harry Benson.

Mr. Benson has photographed iconic figures from U.S. presidents and Jackie O., to the Beatles and Elizabeth Taylor, as well as, legendary sports stars like Muhammad Ali and Joe Namath. His resume is jaw dropping and his stories and experiences are enchanting.

I was blessed to spend a few minutes with him at the Bobby Fischer Exhibit in the World Chess Hall of Fame where his photographs hang, capturing the legendary chess Grand Master.

His personality was electrifying. Just spending a few moments with him, you realize why so many high profile people (private people at that) have allowed him into their lives — capturing their intimate moments and personalities through his lens.

In our interview, I felt myself hanging on every word, as did the rest of the crew. I never heard a word in my IFB earpiece, telling me to cut-off the semi-long interview (for live broadcast standards) nor could I bring myself to speak much. Sometimes, you just have to let your interview subjects go, especially when they have such amazing stories like Harry Benson.

I could’ve talked to him for hours. Just imagine all of his experiences! The Beatles?! This is one of my favorite interviews I have done thus far in my career.

What a way to cap off the 2014 Sinquefield Cup!

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