DIY: make your own yoga mat bag

my yoga mat bag

Ever since Gaiam graciously awarded me an awesome free Sol Dry Grip 5mm yoga mat in their weekly summer social media contest, I have been wanting a yoga mat bag to keep and preserve my nice new mat.

But with a few materials I had laying around the house, I knew I could save myself a few bucks and construct one of my own. Nothing fancy, just a basic yoga mat bag with a strap for carrying.

Fabric and yoga matI gathered up my at-home materials — red upholstery fabric leftover from outdoor cushions my mother made several years ago, a black drawstring from a hoodie that was once left behind in the washer and a black strap from an old bag I was about to throw away after cleaning out my closet.

So with my collection of misfit materials and my mother to help me use her sewing machine, I set off to make a FREE yoga mat bag in a matter of a half and hour.


-Layout your block of fabric. Set aside a piece to use as your bag’s base.

-Find a template, such as a Tupperware lid, to use as a stencil to make the bottom part of your bag. Find a lid that is a little bit bigger than your mat rolled up, so you have room to sew and make a mat bag base

-Take your small piece of fabric and set the lid on top of it. Trace the lid with a pen. Cut along lines to have a near perfect circle of fabric as your base.

-Measure around circumference of the fabric circle in one inch increments to see how wide you need the tube of your fabric. (Measure the length of the mat bag to be longer than the mat, you will cut off excess later.)sewing yoga mat bag

-Iron the fabric before sewing.

-Sew the circle to the main part of the bag. Make sure to start sewing the circle on the short end, as to make the tube long-ways. (Sew it all inside-out with correct sides of fabric touching in, so when you turn it right-side out the proper sides of the fabric will be exposed.)

-Starting from the bottom by the circle base, sew the long part of the tube together, while inserting the strap on the inside as you sew the seem together. Make a cut mark at least two inches longer than your mat, to have room for the mat to fit in the bag and to have enough fabric to fold over for the drawstring. (Don’t forget to sew in the top part of the bag strap near the finish!) yoga mat bag strap

-Cut off excess fabric.

-Use the drawstring to measure how far over the top of the bag that has not yet been sewn (opposite side of the circle) needs to be folded in order to fit the string. Don’t sew string in it during this process. Leave space at the end of your stitching around the top of the bag to have a hole to string the drawstring through. (Tip: use a safety pin at the tip of the drawstring to help string it through.)

-Then turn the bag inside out and you are done! Enjoy your new yoga bag!

Constructing your own yoga bag allows you to save money and use whatever fabric you want! Good luck!finished bag

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