#BirdToTheFuture | Long-form story telling

The Cardinals recently launched their second Brand Entertainment project and first short film, #BirdToTheFuture. It was so interesting to be able to dive into the intricacies of the project and share with fans, why and how they did it.

This was my first long-form story and piece for the St. Louis Cardinals, taking people on a 10-minute journey into how the club went about making their first feature film. (Learn more on the #CardsInsider blog here: http://cardinals.mlblogs.com/2014/12/30/birdtothefuture-entertains-fans-while-promoting-cardinals-museum-cardinals-archive/)

The #BirdToTheFuture project, had so many layers, was too complex of a story to tell in a few minutes, and had so many different ties to the local community that I decided to approach it like the “DVD on TV” shows that you see on FX — where hosts take you behind the scenes of a movie and into how it was made, as you watch the film.

You will see me do standups as the host for the movie throughout the piece to guide you through the behind the scenes story, and make different breaks and allow the story to take different turns as it carries on. I chose to do limited voice overs throughout the piece, as to tell the behind the scenes story through the major players in the project.

It was great to be able to showcase a fellow Mizzou Journalism School alumni, Doc Crotzer, as well. Overall, this was a very interesting project to work on — displaying how the club is creating its own content in this new digital age, what its Brand Entertainment projects are doing, while sharing all of this on their new Brand Journalism platform — #CardsInsider.

While putting together this #BirdToTheFuture — Behind the scenes project, the organization was also getting ready to launch the #FansToThePast promotion in conjunction with the release of the entire full-length feature film.

Therefore, they enlisted me to put together a video to help explain the #FansToThePast promotion.

You can read more about the promotion on the #CardsInsider Blog here: http://cardinals.mlblogs.com/2014/12/31/cardinals-museum-launches-fanstothepast-fan-photo-promotion/

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