Blues feature | hockey sticks

I almost felt like I was chatting golf while doing a story on the St. Louis Blues hockey sticks this week. All the talk about grips, flex, angles and length — I could’ve mistaken the hockey team’s clubhouse for a golf clubhouse — and it was fun!

Attending Monday’s practice in advance of Tuesday’s home matchup against Montreal, I talked to Blues forward Paul Stastny and goalie Brian Elliott, in addition to the equipment staff, about their stick preferences. I felt it was important to get two contrasting perspectives from a position player to a goalie.

Although the variables that go into the different types of hockey sticks on the market are vast, like any story (especially video), keeping it light and generic is usually the best way to go. It keeps your storyline on track and doesn’t get too complicated or random for the viewer.

There is definitely much more to be talked about in the hockey stick realm! Who knows what other stories could stem from it in the future…

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