Reaves sit-down | solo three-camera shoot

Ryan Reaves sit down interview

Sometimes when you ride solo as a backpack journalist you have to tap into your inner MacGyver. When I took on a last minute project to conduct a three-camera, sit-down interview with Blues Right Wing Ryan Reaves for this weekend, I had to do just that.

Shooting a sit-down interview is no easy task when you are the grip, photographer, reporter and editor, but it was fun to try to scrape it together. I didn’t have access to the FOX Sports Midwest production equipment so I was left with a Cannon DSLR, a tripod, portable light and stick mic courtesy of the marketing department.

My solo three-camera shoot, MacGyvered for a Ryan Reaves sit-down interview.

My solo three-camera shoot, MacGyvered for a Ryan Reaves sit-down interview.

Of course I set up the main camera (DSLR) on the interview subject — Ryan Reaves, brought my iPad to use as the camera on me to include footage of part of my questions and borrowed a GoPro from FSMW for a two-shot of Reaves and me.

For audio, I used a stick mic plugged into the DSLR for Reaves’ audio and plugged another stick mic into my iPhone for my audio. I did not have access to lav mics so I had to duct tape the stick mics to our chairs.

Although this was not a fancy setup and I wasn’t able to use in-game footage of Reaves due to NHL broadcast rights on our website, I think it turned out great! Better than expected, given the resources and restrictions. Reaves was a great interview and the Blues were wonderful to work with.

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At the end of the interview I asked a few questions to use for social media. And even though the DSLR quit on me toward the end of the interview, I was still able to scrape up this bite about the next day’s Blues/Blackhawks rivalry that got more than 9.4 thousand views on Facebook. I would have rather used the camera on Reaves, but this was all I had.

The multimedia journalist’s motto: Make it work!…Or maybe that’s Tim Gunn? 😉

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