U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team coming to Busch

This April, the U.S. Women’s National Team is playing a domestic match at Busch Stadium en route to this summer’s FIFA World Cup. St. Louis native and U.S. midfielder Lori Chalupny stopped by Cardinals Nation to talk about the upcoming match against New Zealand.

Usually I shoot my stories on my own, but this time I enlisted one of the Cardinals’ photographers to help me get a two-shot of the interview. I figured I may be low on b-roll for the piece, so an extra shot or two would help add some variety to the interview.

I was also able to use the extra cameraman for my stand-up as well. It was raining that day, so I was forced inside. I was able to use one of the display cases in the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum that displays non-baseball events that have taken place at Busch. With his help, we were able to capture camera movement in my stand-up.

He was also very helpful in setting up lighting at the Cardinals Nation Restaurant in Ballpark Village. We wanted to do the interview on the field but improvised with the rain coming down. It was raining just light enough that we were able to open the balcony doors on the second level of the restaurant and the get the field effect in the background. I think our improv turned out nicely!

In hindsight, I would probably move the lighting closer to her face so I could turn the iris down even more and the field wouldn’t be so over exposed in the background. That’s always tricky shooting inside-out.

You can read the article on the St. Louis Cardinals #CardsInsider Blog –>> http://cardinals.mlblogs.com/2015/03/16/u-s-womens-national-teams-lori-chalupny-stops-by-cardinals-nation/

I’m looking forward to working the event. Although it’s Busch’s third soccer match, this will be my first at the iconic venue!

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