iPhone standup | #CardsFanFlix

Anytime you are able to get creative with your standup, go for it! We were able to incorporate an iPhone video into my story encouraging Cardinals Fans to create their own videos and share them as a part of the new #CardsFanFlix initiative.

My standup was intended to show people that anyone can create a video and it can be as simple as shooting it with your cell phone.

I had to enlist the help of another photographer, using two cameras, an iPhone and a C-Stand to accomplish the shot. We began with the secondary camera shooting the first line of my standup, to show a production involving a professional setup with lights and a “fancy” camera.

We then cut to the primary camera shooting the second line of my standup to show me through a normal lens. I then recorded the final lines of my standup with my iPhone, played the video back while recording it on the primary camera and used the iPhone audio to give it the “iPhone video effect.”

To wrap-up the standup and demonstration, the photographer then recorded me going through the steps to upload a video to YouTube on my iPhone.

It was important for us to keep it short and sweet and not go into too much detail, as to bore the viewer or distract from the main message of the video.

This was also a fun one to edit, due to the incorporation of the fan videos and to see our vision of the standup come to life.

To view the video and read the blog post on the #CardsInsider Blog, click here: http://cardinals.mlblogs.com/2015/04/01/celebrate-the-cardinals-with-cardsfanflix/

The video can also be found on the #CardsFanFlix portion of Cardinals.com

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