Teryn’s beach essentials

You aren’t a South Florida resident until you’ve mastered the beach! While I’m still learning the salt water sports, I’ve definitely learned how to pack like a pro for a day in the sand.

So whether you are lucky enough to live by the shore or are on your way to a tropical getaway, you can always come prepared to maximize your fun and minimize the impact on your wallet.

A beach day is always better with a fun game to get everyone in your group involved and having fun together. My favorite new find comes courtesy of my new friends at Rollors! Think bocce, bowling and washers all in one.

Rollors Lawn game

Because you usually have to pay for parking at a public beach, bringing your own chair, umbrella and cooler (packed with snacks/fruit, drinks and even sandwiches for lunch) can help you have a cost effective day.

My favorite chair is the Nautica adjustable beach chair with a headrest. You can find it at Sam's Club.

My favorite chair is the Nautica adjustable beach chair with a headrest. (Sam’s Club.)

If you are going to a beach with a downtown area and you don’t mind being away from the hustle and bustle of the shops and restaurants, it will be easier to park up or down the beach slightly away from the high traffic areas.

Some beaches today even have WiFi at select groups of ranger and lifeguard stations, so if you sit in the vicinity one of the huts you can connect to WiFi to play music or even catch a game on your phone. They usually have posters up in the surrounding area informing you of the username to connect.

So grab your sunscreen, a beach buddy and a bottle of wine and have some fun at some beach somewhere! It’s 5 O’clock somewhere…

(And don’t forget your stellar cover-up?)Teryn-Blog-signature

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