America loves the Masters

For golf fans, it’s easy to come up with an endless list of why we love the Masters. “A tradition unlike any other,” perfectly sums up the magic that we feel from Augusta. But maybe the reason we love it so much transcends golf, maybe we love it because the rest of America does too.

It is the one time of year, we truly get to share our sport with the rest of the world. The Masters is like our NCAA Tournament. People who don’t normally pay attention to the sport are sucked into it.

So as I was eating breakfast and watching the first groups tee off on the weekend, it hit me. I don’t just love the Masters because of how beautiful the tournament is for me as a golf fan, it’s because others want to share in its glory as well.

See for the casual fan, not only is Augusta National the perfect setting for the PGA Tour’s first major each year, it’s also nestled into a perfect little spot on our calendars. March Madness — which attracts fans of all kind — has just wrapped up, so people are searching for somewhere new to turn their attention. Yes, baseball has started, but you have 162 games to watch over the next several months — the Masters is once-a-year.

(I even get to do a sports update for CBS dedicated solely to the Masters each day!)

It also signals that warmer weather is just around the corner. People can feel summer is coming.

The young guys have given the casual fan a new rooting interest as well. Heck, my girlfriend who doesn’t even watch golf was texting me about the “Bryson fella” on Friday after the amateur made his surge to the top of the leader board. (Check out this “Get to Know Bryson DeChambeau” piece I put together: )

But the legends still captivate us all as well. Even Lil Wayne was tweeting about Tom Watson’s farewell.

So for me, it’s been a thrill this week to share my love for the game with sports fans. It’s been fun to talk about the tourney around the CBS Sports office, where golf isn’t always the first topic of discussion.

It was also awesome to see my one-on-one interview with seven-time PGA Tour Champ Matt Kuchar, who has been in contention at the Masters in the past, published on

Just like the NCAA Tourney, it all comes down to one final day, so let the drama begin!


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