Cheers to keeping in touch with your roots

When you move thousands of miles away from home, it can be hard to keep in touch with your roots. But the Uncommon Green sent me this awesome map glassware, inspiring me to think of ways I stay connected to my home.

Your Alma mater will always be a strong connection to one of the best times in your life. Therefore, it’s pretty understandable that I have little touches of Mizzou scattered around my place. I was so excited when the Uncommon Green sent me these newly printed Columbia, MO, glasses to accompany the St. Louis rock glasses.

Uncommon Green Columbia glass

This is such a cool idea, to put a touch of a place, city or location that is close to your heart in the details of your drinking glasses. So I asked the founders how they came up with such a cool idea:

“One of our company’s founding ideas was to make everyday household items more visually compelling and more personal by incorporating unique designs that connect to the most meaningful aspects of our lives. As individuals, we all define ourselves in large part by the places that make up our past and present — where we grew up, went to school, fell in love, went on that epic vacation, etc — so it was a natural pairing to combine places and glassware, something we use to celebrate special moments but also use every day.”

Big thumbs up from me!

You can also leave other little touches of your memories, loved ones and old home around your new home. I’m a big believer in your environment and what you surround yourself with having an impact on your mood. Picture collages are a great way to display and surround yourself with the memories, people and places that make you happy.

Wall photo collage

So use a big photo display such as this to show off your pets, memories, vacations, friends and favorite places. You can even try out a collage that doesn’t even require you to hang photos on the wall. Try displaying them on a dresser or hall table by setting them on the table top and leaning them against the wall.

Standing photo collage

And finally, create new memories in your new home!

Music is a way we can all identify with the places we grew up. Certain artists, songs and genres remind us and connect us to our roots. So find out when those artists or, in my case, country music is coming through your new stomping grounds and go check them out!

I got a chance to go to the Tortuga Music Festival on Ft. Lauderdale Beach last weekend and it was a blast!


I grew up listening to classic rock, so Lynyrd Skynyrd was one of my favorites at the festival!

Billy Currington was amazing as well. We caught him right at sunset on the beach. It was perfect! And I wore my St. Louis Blues hat that day, as they were playing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs that day. You wouldn’t believe all the people that asked me about the Blues.

Wear your hometown teams with pride no matter where you go!

Billy Currington Blues selfie


So find your own little way to keep yourself connected to your roots and never forget where you came from!


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