Inside my makeup bag

For a girl that grew up playing sports and one that identified as a sort of tomboy, my makeup game has come a looooong way since I began working in the broadcast media business. With the help of fabulous makeup artists in the biz, I’ve picked up some tips and easy over-the-counter makeup solutions for my makeup routine.

It’s funny that makeup has become a big part of my job, given the fact that I knew ZERO about makeup growing up. My mom always kept her makeup routine simple, natural and would rather spend more on clothes and shoes than makeup — I most definitely adopted those attributes from her. So I don’t go too crazy with my makeup looks and rarely switch it up. (I’m still a rookie in all this and have found what works for me.)

I do my makeup on a daily basis for my on-camera hosting work with the PGA TOUR.

I do my makeup on a daily basis for my on-camera hosting work with the PGA TOUR.

But I do have to spend a chunk of time on my makeup everyday getting ready to go on-camera for the PGA TOUR or any other video project I may have. I have experimented with department store makeup brands and have invested in different products over the past few years. Some I found were worth the extra money, others I’ve found good equivalents to at your local drug store.

First you must start with a good base. Your skin care routine before you apply a drop of makeup is a big and important part of your look. Healthy skin is beautiful all on its own.

I use SkinCeuticals products and LOVE their Vitamin C serum that I apply every morning before my moisturizer. I prefer Image Skincare’s tinted moisturizer with SPF. After I let that set, I apply my foundation primer. My favorite is Smashbox’s photo finish. It’s matte and feels silky smooth on the skin without giving you any shine.

Smashbox is sold at Nordstrom, Sephora and in department stores everywhere. That, along with these products I have found, are worth the department store prices:

But I also love my traditional drug store products you can purchase for a third of the price, with similar results:

I still have plenty to learn in the makeup department but have most definitely have found that you don’t have to splurge on EVERYTHING in your makeup bag.

And remember:

“No makeup can makeup for inner beauty”

Such a wonderful quote created by a former colleague of mine, Canicka Cabarras! Check out her campaign to redefine the meaning of beauty, focusing on inner beauty, self-esteem and empowerment at!


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