Eating healthy on the road

So many temptations, so little time. Eating healthy while traveling, especially for work, can be a tall task. I asked Miss USA & Miss Teen USA host Tim Tialdo how he does it.

When you are on the road for work, you are busy and you eat what they cater in while on the job — and that isn’t always healthy or what you want to eat (especially for those of us in the media business). Not that you can’t go out and experience the local cuisine that the town or city you are traveling to has to offer, the media breakfasts and lunches just don’t help the entire equation.

If you prep your breakfasts, lunches and/or snacks prior to your travels, you are already ahead of the game. That’s where my friend and host Tim Tialdo comes in. He travels around the country hosting Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants, among his many other gigs. Tim always manages to stay on track while on the road, so I enlisted him for this guest T-time blog post to show us how he travels.

I know I also like to make a stop at a grocery story while on the road to get bottled water for the hotel, bananas and other healthy snacks.

Thanks for your advice Tim! I hope it helps all of you road warriors out there!



Photo cred: The Every Girl

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