Teryn’s Holiday golf gift guide

Tis’ the season! I work in the golf industry, my boyfriend golfs for a living, my dad & brother are recreational golfers, I play as much as I can – so trust me, I’ve bought plenty of golf gifts in my lifetime. Here are a few of my recent favorites just in time for the holidays!

1. Stamped wedges

Customization is all the rage in the golf industry right now. In fact, most of my gifts on this list are personalized. But nothing is hotter right now than stamped wedges and the possibilities are endless! You can choose virtually any equipment brand and get your loved ones’ favorite team colors, a fun message, etc. stamped into a wedge for a one-of-a-kind club they can show off on the course. I am IN LOVE with my new T-time wedge Club Champion made for my blog!

2. Shot tracking systemArccos Golf shot tracking

I recently bought my boyfriend an Arccos Golf portable shot tracking system and he loves it. Yes, he’s a pro golfer so he wants to track as many stats as he can – but you’d be surprised how much this can also help your favorite amateur golfer. Heck, it’s just a fun gadget period to track your stats and see how well you REALLY play. There are a few different brands out there to choose from and you won’t break the bank.

3. Engraved ball markerspersonalized ball marker

Love Etsy? Me too. It’s great for personalized gifts and golf gifts are no exception. One of my favorite inexpensive gifts with a personal touch – embossed ball markers. Work with an Etsy craftsman to choose your message, metal, font and boom! An easy and cheap gift for your golfer.

4. Custom leather yardage book

Have a serious golfer you are looking to buy for? A yardage book made by a leather craftsman could be the perfect, unique gift. Etsy is another go-to place for this and Steve is a pro! I used him to make my boyfriend’s yardage book and he was fantastic. Steve has made yardage books for the International President’s Cup Teams and many more. Steve embossed his alma mater, school slogan, personal message of encouragement in the inside & his initials on lip that hangs out of his back pocket. So cool!

5. Magnetic range finder strapMagnetic range finder strap

Fellow golf media member Shane Bacon introduced me to Stick It and I thought it was so nifty! (Yes, I say nifty) This magnet case for your golfer’s range finder makes the device so easily accessible and super convenient for your golf cart rider. You can choose the color and style as well. (Customization is king people!)

If you need any more golf gift ideas this Christmas/holiday season, check out my recent “favorite things on the course” blog post or just get something customized for your golfer. You can’t go wrong with custom fitted clubs (or even just a club fitting), a custom head cover, golf bag, ball marker, etc. It shows you put thought into it and makes it a one-of-a-kind gift for your loved one.

Happy Holidays!


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Teryn Gregson (formerly Schaefer) is an award-winning journalist, golf presenter, on-camera host, wife and blogger. Connecting with golf fans world-wide, Teryn is best known for her role as a broadcaster for the PGA TOUR.