Holy Reformer! My rookie reformer pilates experience

You think you know Pilates? Think again! Not until you’ve tried reformer Pilates have you truly been able to tap into your practice like never before. What an experience!

I’ve been practicing mat Pilates for about 10 years now and I’m sad that it took me this long to try reformer! What was I thinking?! 😂

The machine allowed me to push myself beyond anything I’ve ever done on the mat and challenged me in ways I’ve never even thought of before. From hovering over the machine and using your abdominal muscles to prevent yourself from falling face-first into the machinery, to trying poses you’ve never dreamed of before — the class will test your strength, both physically and mentally. I had to trust myself and not give up, even if a pose seemed scary at first.

It was an enlightening experience that not only gave me a great workout, but one that tested my limits and allowed me to see that I am stronger than I think and that my body is capable of wonderful things.

Not only was our instructor, Tetyana, fabulous, fun & light-hearted but the other women in the class were wonderful too. We all showed ourselves and each other what we are capable of. I came into the class a rookie, knowing no one and nothing and left feeling empowered and a part of a community of diverse women.

It was helpful to come into the class with an understanding of Pilates terms and poses (particularly how to activate your abdominal muscles and achieve that ‘C’ curve), so I suggest you try some mat Pilates classes before diving right into reformer.

Overall reformer has the same underlying goals as your typical mat classes — toning, strength training, flexibility — but I would go as far to suggest that it has even less of an impact on your joints. So anyone with knee issues, etc., this would be a fabulous workout to include in your fitness routine. Even if you don’t have joint issues, I promise this class will put you in positions you’ll never be able to achieve on your mat alone.

Reformer has been praised by celebrities like Meghan Markle, and I can see why! I’m excited to partner up with Everbalance Yoga, Barre & Pilates Wellness Studio to get in shape for my wedding and incorporate their reformer classes into my overall fitness routine.

A few weeks ago I wrote about trying a new fitness class to help spark your New Years fitness motivations. I tried something new! What have you tried lately?! Comment below or share with me on Instagram!

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    I want to hear from you! Have you ever tried Reformer Pilates? Or have you tried a new fitness class recently?

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