How Hartford helped me get back to the Now

Admit it, sometimes we can get caught up in the daily grind. Just trying to get from one project to the next, one task to the other — or in my case, one work trip to the next. I was deep in the grind when my trip to Hartford reminded me to LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

For those that travel for work, we know that it’s a blessing — an opportunity to be in a new place — but it can also be a grind. Living out of a suitcase, working long and wacky hours without a routine.

I literally just did laundry for the first time in a month. (Ok, maybe I’ve done a few loads of socks and the necessities here-and-there — but you get what I mean.)

I confess, I got caught up in the grind. From working on-site the entire month of May (with my wedding mixed in between that), followed by another work trip just two days after we got hitched, straight into the studio and then back on the road.

I’m not here to complain, I love what I do — but I’m here to say, I get it. My schedule barely allows me to have a house plant — and we can all feel like that at times.

But something spoke to me last week when I was in Hartford. The sun woke me up super early my first morning there and instead of rolling over, I got up and decided to walk around the state capital. That allowed me to catch my breath, soak in the world around me and live in the moment. Instead of waking up and answering emails before going to the course, I gave myself a solid hour to live in the NOW.

The state capital building was gorgeous and set in a cute little park in the middle of downtown Hartford.

Who doesn’t love a red front door?! This apartment caught my eye while walking to get breakfast.

I used to do this, get up a little earlier to workout, do yoga or walk to breakfast when I was on the road. But I got tired, worn out and was just trying to get sleep when I could.

Which is ironic, because living in the moment is just like fitness. When you fall off the exercise wagon (which I did during this time too), you sleep in because you are tired, but you’re also tired because you aren’t working out. You get yourself in a cycle of making excuses and, in turn, you take away that energy source that you get from fitness.

Here’s the “a-ha” moment: you have to exercise your mind and soul too!

You never know when an angle will catch your attention. These flowers, blue skies, swirling clouds and office buildings were the perfect combo for my photographer’s eye.

The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch in Bushnell Park was a fun contrast to the modern city around it.

That morning helped me snap out of my funk or “hop back on the exercise wagon,” if you will. And after that, each morning I was ready to get out and re-energize myself by taking in the sights around me and appreciating where I was. No more, “I’m tired,” “Woe is me, I’m away from my new husband.” Now it was, “I’m happy to be where I am NOW.”

You can do this no matter where you are — and we can’t forget to do this even when we are at home. My “mind gym” of choice is nature — something about fresh air and being outside helps to center me. It doesn’t matter what your landscape is — a cityscape, beach, corn fields, mountains or simply just your neighborhood — get out and appreciate your surroundings. I find it to be great exercise for my soul!

The summer sunsets were crazy beautiful! I snapped this one out of my hotel window.

So next time you work two straight weeks without a day off, or are just simply worn out without any time to spare. Remember: you can make just a little time for yourself. Take those few moments to appreciate the world around you, it can make all the difference.

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