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I’m heading across the pond this weekend for my first trip to Ireland. I’m a bit nervous to make my debut on links golf (during a tournament, nonetheless) — but my excitement to play over there with my dad out-ways the butterflies. The one thing I know I’m a pro at, though, is packing!

I’ve packed a few suit cases in my day and my life on the PGA TOUR has made me a self-appointed packing pro. When traveling abroad from the U.S. there are a few essentials you have to remember:

  • Global Entry Pass — basically like adding a fast-pass to your passport. The short interview on your next layover is well worth the quick trip through customs later (and it gets you TSA PreCheck).
  • Euro plug adapter — I opted for the more expensive version that converts to whatever country you are in.
  • Credit Cards & Cell phones — make sure to check in with both to see what data charges & conversion rates you’ll be getting overseas.

Now on to the fun stuff. Clothes!

I’m feeling navy for this trip — one of my favorite staple hues & functional if it rains (not see-through).

I’m lucky! Ireland hasn’t gotten mush rain as of late and is a little hotter than normal (something to keep an eye out for at The Open this week) — so I’m definitely sticking a pair of Bermuda shorts in my bag.

Don’t let the locals fool you, it’s not HOT. I’ll still need pants and a jacket for those chilly mornings, holes along the Cliffs in Kerry & any weather Ireland decides to throw at me.


Of course you have to pack the Irish essential — rain gear: rain gloves (two if you are like Phil), rain suit & extra socks 😜 I’m IN LOVE with this rain jacket, not only is it ON SALE and adorable, but the long silhouette is helpful in those heavy rains.

Finally you have to take TWO pairs of golf shoes. Your kicks are bound to get wet, so having a pair of leather golf shoes to repel the water is always a must. But I’m also going to be wearing these ADORABLE Suede G throwbacks. Get this: they are water proof too! No joke!

I love them so much I’ve just been wearing them as normal tennis shoes, which means I’ll be wearing them on the plane to save room in my suitcase.

What are your golf trip packing essentials? Let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on Instagram.

Can you believe this is where I’m going?! Shoutout to Carr Golf Travel for the experience!

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