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My favorite #OOTD of 2018: how I found my wedding dress

Yes ladies, it’s just like you dreamed. Wearing your wedding dress on your special day is better than chocolate. (And that’s saying a lot for this chocolate connoisseur!) I approached the wedding dress shopping experience by thinking of my dress as my signature – everyone’s got one but mine is unique to me.

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Why I decided to change my name after marriage

Changing your name could be one of the toughest decisions leading up to your wedding day. For some, it’s a no brainer – but for others, like myself, it’s something you spend some serious time thinking about. I think I shocked a lot of people by changing it – but, let me tell you, it…

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Our FOREver Story: how golf brought us together

There’s no doubt that golf brought my husband and I together, so it’s only fitting we went to the Ryder Cup for our Honeymoon and both work in the industry now. But just like our relationship with the game, our own has taken years to build — rooting back to our childhood, even before our…

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